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10. Public access to the FIRST Survey

The FIRST images and catalogs represent an important new resource for the world-wide astronomical community, and we are anxious to provide access to all astronomers with an interest in using them. As noted above, we have waived the normal proprietary period for all FIRST data; thus, the complete set of raw UV data for both the 1993 and 1994 observing runs are available now from the VLA. We have also completed the editing and self-calibration step for all these data, and the files for all observations are also now available from the NRAO. To provide optimal access to the images, postage stamps, and catalogs, we will be installing them in several commonly used archives. The STScI DADS system is now ingesting all of the individual field maps as well as the coadded images from 1993, and will have them available on-line starting in November 1994. NRAO also has a complete copy of the coadded images. The source catalog and postage stamp images are being put on line at NRAO, at STScI, at the HEASARC, and as part of the NED system at IPAC. Detailed instructions for accessing FIRST results as well as a current status report for the survey may be found via the FIRST homepage (