FIRST Bright Quasar Survey Composite Spectra

Composite quasar spectra from Brotherton, M. S., Tran, H. D., Gregg, M. D., Becker, R. H., Laurent-Meuhleisen, S. A., & White, R. L. "Composite Spectra from the FIRST Bright Quasar Survey", 2000, ApJ, in press. A gzip-compressed postscript version of this paper is available; the paper can also be obtained from the astro-ph e-print archive at

The files are:

LBQS.lis The total LBQS composite quasar spectrum from S. Morris
b2rl_mean.lis FBQS composite with log R* > 1 (NOTE: Updated on 2001 Jan 25 at 12:42 GMT)
b2rq_mean.lis FBQS composite with log R* < 1
fbqs657_mean.lis Mean FBQS composite made from 657 quasars
hbal_mean.lis High-ionization BALQSO composite (NOTE: Minor update on 2001 Jan 26 at 02:41 GMT)
lbal_mean.lis Low-ionization BALQSO composite

Descriptions can be found in the paper. For questions contact Mike Brotherton (

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Richard L. White,
2001 January 26