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6 Conclusions

In the future, we will be refining the subsample selection using both source morphology and data on optical counterparts and we will be continuing to investigate the derivation of spatial information using luminosity functions and cross-correlations with other populations. This should allow us to probe source clustering to much higher redshifts than has previously been possible.

The success of the FIRST survey is in large measure due to the assistance of a number of organizations. In particular, we acknowledge support from NRAO, NSF (grants AST-94-19906 and AST-94-21178), IGPP/LLNL, the STScI, the National Geographic Society(NGS No. 5393-094), Columbia University, and Sun Microsystems. This is contribution Number 607 of the Columbia Astrophysics Laboratory.

Richard L. White,
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1996 Dec 20